6 Things to Do in Riyadh

Don’t fall prey to the imaginary image of Riyadh where there is nothing to do or see and everything has a rule that forbids fun. In fact, Riyadh is one of the best places for any tourist to enjoy themselves in Saudi Arabia. Aside from the beautiful landscape, you must make time for riyadh tourist attractions such as these six things before your Saudi Arabia visa runs out!If you take the time out during your vacation or trip to see these unbelievable sites in Riyadh, you can leave Saudi Arabia knowing that you got the full experience. Not to mention that you’ll have the rare opportunity to experience these environments as many countries make it exceptionally difficult or downright impossible to obtain a visa into Saudi Arabia.

Red Sands Flower Fields

Whats amazon is that in the midst of Saudi Arabia’s red sand dunes are exquisite flowers that take bloom almost every year. Unlike tulip fields that show a single genus in bloom, the Red Sands Flower Fields host a variety of flowers.

The desert gets plenty of rainwater throughout the year, and the flowers and grass might seem sparse because they are scattered throughout the miles of empty sand. The best place to see the Red Sands Flower Fields is right outside of Riyadh. You can visit the Kharrarah National Park and have a picnic with your family while you watch the clouds roll and cast shadows over the blooming Red Sands Flower Fields. This area is a great place to let kids run off some energy and enjoy getting out of the city for a day.

The Edge of the World

You might have seen the edge of the world in Machu Picchu, but you’ll be surprised, overwhelmed and possibly terrified of the Edge of the World in Riyadh. As a portion of the Tuwaiq Escarpments in the region, these cliffs provide a full panoramic view of the plains that surround Riyadh. The plains of Riyadh are expansive, and when you’re standing at the Edge of the World, it seems like there is nothing but horizon in front of you.

Do be careful when you’re walking up the heads of the twin rocks that make up the Edge of the World as no fencing or signage is acknowledging that there is a fall risk!

The Diplomatic Quarter Parks

The Diplomatic Quarter parks are a must-see for any visitor in Riyadh, and it’s the perfect way to make a vacation complete, especially if you’re on holiday with the kids. As some of the best-kept parks in Riyadh, you can explore the Diplomatic Quarter with kids and explore the trails through the cool season when you can spend hours outside.

Al Khuzama is a favourite among the parks as it has a huge fountain system that children love to play in during the warm season. There are many areas throughout the series of parks where adults and children can scale large wooden or stone structure. These structures are generally meant for climbing and are a great way to keep the kids active and engaged in the day.

The Secret Lake

One of Saudi Arabia’s best-kept travel secrets is the Secret Lake. Aptly named and closely guarded, the Secret Lake of Riyadh is a great place to unwind by the water and spend the night camping. If you do plan on camping, ensure that you have the proper camping permits to be so close to the sea.

The only downside of the Secret Lake is that as it has become less secret, the entire area has experienced litter and a lack of appreciation for the natural environment. Sadly there has not been enough rainfall to keep the lake filled and the surrounding areas green. All the same, it’s a must-see, picturesque spot!

One-of-a-Kind Sand Dunes

Sure there are sand dunes all across the middle east but, just outside of Riyadh you get a unique experience as red sand dunes sway and change constantly. It does get very hot through the dunes, and it’s important to bring enough water to stay properly hydrated. Within an hour of Riyadh, you can rent dune buggies and off-roading vehicles at a fairly inexpensive rate. It’s a great way to have some adventure on your Saudi Arabian vacation!

As always, keep your eyes open and be careful. There are native camels and a variety of campers out in the sand dunes. Always be courteous of those around you.

The World’s Most Perfect Oasis

Dubbed “The Kings Forest” this oasis is world renowned and for good reasons too. Rawdat sits about 100 kilometres north of Riyadh, and it’s well known as a park. The King’s Forest is exactly what you imagine an oasis to be. It’s a lush, green haven that appears before your eyes in the middle of the desert right outside Riyadh. The city is outstanding, but this is a must-see spot for Riyadh visitors.

Be aware when you visit The King’s Forest that many rare species take sanctuary here. Always pick up after yourself, don’t litter and leave as small a footprint as possible!